PUTS 50k 2019

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Big Elk 50K

YMCA Start/Finish (43.325197, -111.10842)
Final cutoff is Saturday at 6:00 pm.

N. Indian Cr. AS #1 (43.261, -111.0646)

Dry Canyon AS #3 (43.345025, -111.064332)

Garden Gnome AS #2 (43.293794, -111.000395)

Cabin Cr. AS #4 & Turnaround (43.3671, -111.0362)

Major turn: Blowout Canyon Section (43.300378, -111.074668)
This is a tough turn in the scree section so be careful! If you head south down the blowout trail you will have a steep rocky climb back up once you go a mile and realize you hit the trailhead for Blowout along with a road and are off course.